Timely topics; Tulips and winter blooming heather.

If you have not already done so, May 1st is a good time to head back winter blooming heather, without going into the old wood. Since the season is later than normal, it will still be OK, but do it soon.

Yesterday I dead- headed all my remaining, fading tulip flowers and applied a kelp/fish fertilizer emulsion solution to the remaining foliage. This will be of great benefit to the bulbs. The foliage should be left for about 4-5 weeks, but could be tied back some to make room for annuals or if you prefer they could be lifted and heeled in at an out of the way spot until cured for the same amount of time. The bulbs can then be lifted, cured and stored, then replanted in autumn.

I also applied the same foliar spray to all my garlic plants and will likely do this once more towards the end of May.


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