Pruning spring flowering shrubs with Jack Kouwenhoven

Jack Kouwenhoven

Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs by Jack Kouwenhoven In order to maintain a shrub’s intended shape a thinning method of pruning is required. By no means will I attempt to describe every situation in this limited space. By merely stating to prune shrubs, we are generalizing. Some of us understand pruning as giving a shrub a [ Read more ]

Lawn Maintenance Part 1 – Jack Kouwenhoven

Moss problems are attributable to poor drainage, shade, wrong pH, but more than likely low soil nutrient levels. White clover and Heal-all are good indicators of low soil nutrients.An annual fertilization program is needed to maintain a lawn in healthy condition, for no other area is subject to such continuous leaching away of plant nutrients. [ Read more ]

Get off to a good start with your plot – Jack Kouwenhoven

Soil and fertilizer: Vegetables grow best when they get five to six hours of sun a day, so pick a garden spot that meets this minimum requirement. The other basic need is soil. If you grow crops in pots, you can, of course, control the soil mix. Outdoors, though, you must work with what you [ Read more ]

Some notes on fertilizing and pest control with Jack Kouwenhoven

  Soluble Sulphur: (garden sulphur) 5 grams per litre (1 Tble spoon/gallon of water). To reduce pH in winter spray over entire garden where wireworms indicate high pH. (i.e over a freshly dug-over patch of sod). Spray this on plants susceptible to powdery mildew several times, particularly in prolonged dry periods. Powdery Mildew is temperature [ Read more ]